About Heritage Essentials



Heritage Essentials was established by professional and international award nominated makeup artist Alicia Samuels. 

Heritage Essentials, a company based in London, United Kingdom, is dedicated to offering customers cruelty-free cosmetic products. During the initial lockdown in 2020, founder Alicia C. Samuels began crafting hair and skin beauty products in her kitchen for herself and her then 6-month-old baby. Facing a scarcity of clean beauty products tailored to her African & Caribbean heritage, Miss Alicia C. Samuels felt frustrated by the lack of suitable options. After returning from the United States, where she served as a cosmetics manager for prestigious companies, including MAC Cosmetics for 5 years from 2013 to 2018, Alicia C. Samuels was also instrumental in launching and managing Sephora's new service-based cosmetics store in Capitol Hill, Washington DC, in 2018.


Heritage Essentials specialises in a range of handcrafted products such as hair serums, hair creams, beard oils, body creams, massage oils, lip glosses, lip balms, lip scrubs, body scrubs, and plans to expand its offerings to include shower gels, bath salts, bath bombs, as well as an extended range of makeup and skincare cosmetics.